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Do not purchase a bat for your Intermediate or Junior Division player before you understand what type of bat can/cannot be used.

2 1/4 inch bats with composite barrels are not allowed in Intermediate.

That means many of the bats that were used in Majors cannot be used in Intermediate. This includes Easton Mako, Easton S-1, Demarini CF5 or CF6, etc.

Below, are the rules regarding bats for play in Intermediate and Junior Division baseball:

Intermediate (50-70) Division and Junior League

For bats with 2 5/8-inch barrels, the following will apply for the Junior League Baseball Division and Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Division.

  1. Bats with composite materials in the barrel must be compliant with BBCOR standards, and must be labeled as such;
  2. Bats with barrels composed entirely of wood, metal, aluminum, or alloy (exclusive of the end cap) are NOT required to be BBCOR compliant. These bats may be 2 1/4" in diameter (non-composite barrel) and must be marked with BPF 1.15 notation.
  3. Bats must meet the standards noted in Rule 1.10 for length, diameter, etc.

Consult with your manager/coach prior to making a bat purchase.


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