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Canyon Creek Little League
Board Meeting Minutes                    March 21, 2011
Toltec Cabana
Present:   Lorraine Kalich, John Morris, Michael Marver, David Bellinger, Josh Nevarez, Scott Anderson, Phil Tsang, Ross McKeon, John Giffins, Rick Charles, Amy Steinmetz, Michelle Simpson, David Verespey, David Lawrence, Paul Leffel, Gary Wallace
Prior to calling the meeting to order, an unidentified female came into the meeting room and asked for certain members of the executive board.  After she handed envelopes to 2 members, she was told this was a private meeting for CCLL members only and she must leave the private property immediately.  Several minutes later, an unidentified male returned to the meeting room and tried to push his way through the door.  When he was denied entry, he threw several envelopes at the door and they were left on the sidewalk outside.  It was later determined that the door’s lock was damaged by his attempt to enter.  The envelopes contained court summons.

Diane Gross is suing Canyon Creek Little League and some of the volunteer members of the executive board in Small Claims Court.  A hearing is set for May 9 in Walnut Creek.

Details of the court proceedings will be made available after the hearing.

The meeting was called to order by Lorraine Kalich at 7:05 p.m. 

1) General Discussion  -

  • Behavior Expectations Reminder – There have been several complaints to the executive board about rude emails and impatient behaviors so we took a moment to remind everyone in leadership positions that professionalism needs to be maintained in all interactions and correspondence.
  • Action Items Update
    • Gopher holes were discussed at the last meeting.  Repairs have been made.  
    • Sponsorship Banners will be put up prior to Opening Day Ceremonies.  CCLL Logo Visors have been made for sponsors; John Morris and Michelle Stanchina to distribute.
  • Challenger Update – Rick Charles – The Challenger team has 8 players with special needs, ages 6-10 and they will be the Marlins. They play a 10 game schedule on Sundays at Dublin Sports Grounds, first game April 3 and Jamboree May 25.  Majors players will be buddies to the challenger players and help them at each of their games.  John Morris to schedule buddy teams.
  • 50/70 Update – The 50/70 program is up and running with 18 players in rotation.  Vecchio, Bueschler and Bernard are leading the team.
  • Insurance for Umpires – David Bellinger – There was a previously-raised question about insurance coverage for SRUA umpires working CCLL games.  SRUA has insurance that covers the umpires so there is no need for CCLL to purchase additional coverage for them.
  • Volunteer Registration and Applications – Amy Steinmetz – All upper divisions checks have been done.  Some team parents still need apps.  Amy will email the directors and managers with a list of who is outstanding.  John Morris will advise anyone who has not submitted to checks that they cannot take the field.
  • Player movement – There has been an exceptional amount of upper division player movement this year.  There was a reported infraction of the green book call-up procedures which was addressed by the executive board.  Reminders were issued that all player movement rules should be reviewed and must be followed.  Injury reporting was discussed and an email with clarifications will be sent out by the player agent.
  • Calendar –
    • The Mid-Season Classic will be dropped in order to use that week to accommodate rain out rescheduling. Interleague games may also be dropped to make room for rescheduled league games.  There could be some double-headers as well. 
    • April 16 will be the Opening Day Ceremony is the morning and BBQ event in the late afternoon/eve.
    • Picture Day is now April 30, mved from Aoril 23 because of Easter Holiday.

2) Training Coordinator– TPC sessions that were rained out will be rescheduled if possible. Across the Diamond will fill in to cover lower division training.  No budget problems, able to reallocate funds as needed.  Reinforcement training complaints regarding trainer were addressed and corrected.


3) Treasurer’s Report – Player’s moving out of the area and other refund policy issues were discussed.  A check request form is forthcoming.


4) Sponsorship Report – Michelle Stanchina could not attend but sent in a written report listing all the current sponsors and donation amounts.  Total sponsorship $12,300.  Top 4 sponsors each gave $1000 and are Kelly Moore, Jamba Juice, Enray and Fidelity.  There are 10 $500 sponsors, 9 $300 sponsors and 3 $200 sponsors.


5) President’s Report Summary - District 57 summer tournaments were not approved by Williamsport because of an infraction during one 2010 summer tournament that CCLL was not involved in.  Revisions and a revised request for summer play will be submitted.  All-stars and TOC will be invitation only.


6) Safety Director – There will be a field box supervisor responsible for checking each box, one per field.


7) Head Team Parent – BBQ will be held on April 16.  Volunteer refunds for team parents and coaches will be issued at the end of the season.


8) Directors Reports

  • Fields – All field of play issues are being addressed as they come in.  Email Steven Fields if anything is required.
  • Question – If a ball hits a parked car, is CCLL liable?  No.  Car owner’s comprehensive insurance would cover any damage.
  • Giffins/Leffel Reported a problem with a UIC who was taking pictures and too close in behind 3rdbase.  UICs should not be on the infield and should not interact with the umpires except in the case where a game needs to be called for safety reasons.  An email reminder will go out for UICs to be reminded of rules.
  • Lawrence/Verespey,Wallace Discussed player movement questions.  “A” division has been left unbalanced.
  • Love– Discussed a discipline issue.  T-ball has 6 teams with 13 players each.

9) Next Board Meeting – There is no general board meeting in April, not required by by-laws.  Executive Board will meet in April.  May 16 is the next full board meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m. by Lorraine Kalich.
Respectfully submitted:
Lorraine Kalich – VP of Administration 2010/2011.