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Canyon Creek Little League
Board Meeting Minutes                    May 17, 2010
Morgan Cabana
Present: Kelvin Friedel, Dan Frank, Jeni Bernard, Michelle Simpson, George Kirkland, Anne Reed, Karen Neswick, Paul Leffel, Diana Waterson, David Lawrence, Don Nathlich, Lorraine Kalich, Ross McKeon, Meg Mahony, Abe Harris.
The meeting was called to order by Kelvin Friedel at 7:06 p.m.

I.  President’s Report  - All games except for two major games have been rescheduled due to weather.  Changes may need to be made due to school open house conflicts.  The brackets for playoffs have been sent out to managers and coaches.

II.  Treasurer’s Report – Don presented to the Board CCLL’s year to date financials and financial projections as of May 14, 2010.  There could possibly be excess income and the Board will need to decide how it should be allocated. 

III.  Team Parent  -  An email was sent to team parents requesting volunteer hours for their team.  It was discussed possibly changing the time requirements for next year for volunteers to receive their deposit back.  Further discussion will follow at a future Board meeting. 

New Business

       a.  Picture Day Make-Up –  May 25thhas been scheduled for picture make-up. 

  •        b.  Field Equipment - All lockers have been stocked and are ready for the playoffs.
  •        c.  All Stars -  It was decided that the time limit for managers to apply for All- Stars would be extended to 
                May 23.  As of today, 42 kids have applied for All- Stars.  A possible vote may be needed to combine ages
                if there are not enough players for a particular age group.  Managers will be announced after May
    thand team lists will be submitted by June 15th.

  •        d.  Calling Up Players – There was a discussion regarding the time that a player must be replaced due to
  •             an injury.  The Board is contemplating changing the 4 week injury window to 2 weeks.  Further discussion
  •             will follow at a future Board meeting. 
  •        e.  Board Members – Kelvin took an informal poll to see who would be returning to the Board next year. 
  •             Most people will be returning in some capacity.  Kelvin wanted everyone to get the word out about new
  •             members joining the CCLL Board.

  • V.   Old Business  

          a.  Trophies – Trophies for T-Ball, Rookie and Single A have been ordered.      

          b.  Sponsorship -
    Sponsorship plaques and banners still need to be ordered.

          c.  Souvenir Program - Anne Reed is compiling the information for the program and is looking into options on
               its production.

          d.  12 Year Old Recognition Plaques – Kelvin will be ordering the plaques which will be distributed at the 
               Major’s Championship game. 

    VI.  Next Board Meeting – TBD.
    Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m. by Kelvin Friedel.
    Respectfully submitted:
    Jeni Bernard – CCLL Secretary 2009/2010.