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Canyon Creek Little League
Board Meeting Minutes                    December 14, 2009
Toltec Cabana
Present: Kelvin Friedel, Diana Waterson, Anne Reed, Jeni Bernard, Dan Frank, Michelle Simpson, Meg Mahony, George Kirkland, Ross McKeon, Paul Leffel, John Morris, Mark Polli, Don Nathlich, Karen Neswick, David Lawrence, David Bellinger, Abe Harris, Rick Charles, Lorraine Kalich, Curtis Mentz, Stephen Fields.
The meeting was called to order by Kelvin Friedel at 7:03 p.m.
I.          President’s Report - It was announced that the following Board members have been appointed, Rick Charles, Challenger Director, David Bellinger, Umpire In Chief and Abe Harris, Director of Field Maintenance. Kelvin reported that CCLL’s corporate status is currently suspended due to past tax issues. Don Nathlich is looking into this and steps will be taken to resolve the issue.
II.        Treasurer’s Report – Don Nathlich indicated that CCLL received some generous donations by undisclosed parties. It was discussed about using reserves on batting cages for CCLL players.
III.       City Coordinator’s Report – Permits will be requested for the January 9 tryouts.  George Kirkland indicated that the City will be charging more and doing less in 2010.
IV.       Registrar’s Report – 491 players have registered. Over the 9 and 11 year olds it is down 12% from the previous season. 
V.        Division Director’s Report –  It was reported that there will be 5 major teams, 5 AAA teams and 9 AA teams.
VI.       Old Business
a. Tryouts - Tryouts for the second session have been postponed to January 9 due to weather and the draft will be held on January 10. An email will go out to all 8 year olds and above regarding the change. Minute approval will be needed by the Executive Board for placement of those players who missed tryouts.
b. Sponsorship – Due to lack of sponsorship it was decided that three levels of sponsorship amounts will be available: Grand Slam $500 – sign at Memorial Park, sponsor plaque, website advertising, email blast to members, an ad in souvenir program directory; Home Run $300 - sponsor plaque, website advertising and ad in souvenir program directory; and Its a Hit $150 - sponsor plaque, ad in souvenir program directory. It was motioned and seconded that the $125 volunteer fee be returned to any registered player if they bring in a Grand Slam sponsor.
c. Opening Day – Opening Day will be held on February 27, 2010. Permits will be requested. The Opening Day committee is Ross McKeon, Diana Waterson, Paul Leffel and John Morris. Michelle Simpson will get parent volunteers to help with the day’s events.
d. Spirit Wear - Email blasts will go out every month and booths may be placed at random games throughout the season.
e. CCLL History – Ross McKeon is creating a timeline of CCLL’s 31 year history. Plans to have past presidents attend Opening Day are in the works. It was also discussed in possibly having a Hall of Fame of past president’s placed somewhere in the City offices.
VII.     New Business
a. Equipment – Before the season commences an inventory and cleanup of each equipment box will be conducted. Equipment distribution will be conducted two dates in January. Baseballs will need to be ordered for each team.
b. Continuing Service Players – It was announced that any player that has played with CCLL within the last year may continue with CCLL even if they have moved out of boundaries. A form 2D would need to be filed.
c. Umpires – It is now required that at least one of the two umpires for each game must be an UIC adult.
d. Player Development Director – It was discussed in appointing a Player Development Director and using reserves towards player training. Anne Reed volunteered to contact parties that she thought would be interested.
e. Training Clinics – A web blast will go out to all players announcing upcoming training clinics.
VIII.    Next Board Meeting – January 18, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. – Morgan Cabana.
Meeting was adjourned at 9:20p.m. by Kelvin Friedel.
Respectfully submitted:
Jeni Bernard – CCLL Secretary 2009/2010