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Minutes for Board Meeting 01-22-08
CALL TO ORDER:             7:05
ATTENDANCE: Kevin Olimpia, Dave Gotz, Don Nathlich, , Mark Gonsalves, George Kirkland, Barry Bruns, Carl Steigerwald, Tim Waterson, Sue Edwards, Hugh Arvesen, Robert Zorovic
  1. From Presidents meeting:
Ø     S.F. Giants want a LL day 
Ø     Challenger Jamboree Memorial day weekend
Ø     Voted passed give $500.00 to District 57 for Challenger Jamboree
Ø     Al and AL clinic 2-9 not sure of times for age groups
Ø     Tournament dates:
1.     all T.O.C. 6/21 – 6/24 *CCLL host jr’s
2.     Int Allstars 6/28 – 7/10 *CCLL host jr’s
3.     SRV 9 yr olds. 6/27-6
4.     Danville 9 yr olds 7/5-7/11
5.     Granada 10yr 7/12-7/18
6.     San Ramon 11 yr 7/12-7/17 *CCLL,SRA,SRN
7.     Granada 11 yr 7/19-7/25
8.     San Ramon 12 yr 7/19-7/24 *CCLL,SRA,SRN
9.     Granada 12 yr 7/26-8/1
  1. We will not use cathers in tball and rookie.
  1. financial report;   don handed out reports
  1. field report: no change in fee structure for this fiscal year
  1. Uniform Report: Dave, uniforms ordered and waiting for delivery (lower leagues)
  1. Safety Report: robert, needs name of district 57 safety officer Kevin will get that for him.
  1. Divisional Reports:   all getting ready for opening day march 1
Ø     Juniors –8 teams
Ø     Majors—5 teams
Ø     AAA—6 teams
Ø     AA --- 7 teams
Ø     A---- 9 teams
Ø     Rookie---8 teams
Ø     T-ball ---9 teams
  1. Scholar athlete banquet—voted and approved Sue Edwards will run
  2. In house rules:
Ø     A ball kid pitch 2 inning / game half way through season. Use pitching machine
Ø     Rookie—use pitching machine
  1. Allow 4 new players into league ..moved into area after 2007 season- play in lowest level available to age group voted and approved. They will have evaluation with coaches in there division.
ADJORN: 10:40
SUBMITTED: Mark Gonsalves, Secretary