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Minutes for Board Meeting 4-28-09
CALL TO ORDER:             7:00 pm
ATTENDANCE: Kevin Olimpia, Dave Gotz, Don Nathlich, Mark Gonsalves, Kelvin Friedel, George Kirkland, Mei-Mei Stark, Doug Stark, Carl Steigerwald,
  1. Mid season classic- very successful 500-750 people attended during the final day. Kate did an awesome job of coordinating event.
  1. Spirit Wear—sold at picture day raised $1,400.
  1. Final rosters for all divisions sent to Williamsport.
1.     Mei-Mei, Giants tickets for Little League day sold 652 tickets raised $2,000.
2. Equipment: 1st new pitching mound a complete success. Request to purchase 5
                        more $150.00 for each total $1,000.00   motioned by Kevin
                        seconded by Kelvin motioned carried.
                        Equipment director will order more baseballs.
3. May 16 all Majors games will be played on 80’ diamond to give 12 year olds
    an opportunity to play on larger diamond.
            4. David Blakly, District 57 umpire will hold a balk clinic May 16 at 9:30 on CP2
5. Allstars: discussed make up of International Allstar teams. After a lenghthy
                   discussion a motion for a vote was made (George) and seconded by
                    (Mark). The motion was; Teams to be made up of best players (as
                     voted by managers) of available 11&12, 10&11, 9&10 year olds. 
                     MOTIONED   PASSED
            6. Tournament teams—if players are available we will have age pure “tournament teams”
                                                 for 9,10,11,and 12 year olds. League will pay for 2 tournaments for
                                                 each team.
ADJORN: 8:45
SUBMITTED: Mark Gonsalves, Secretary