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CCLL 2022 Tryouts



Tryouts for Majors, AAA & AA


Location: Bollinger Canyon Elementary

Dates: 12/11/2021 - 12/12/2021

League Age 8-10 will tryout on 12/11 and League Age 11 and 12 will tryout on 12/12.  Erin Rohde, Player Agent, will distribute SignUp Genius with time slots prior to tryouts.



Intermediates Tryouts




All players age 9 to 12 are required to attend at least one tryout session to be eligible for the player draft.  No refund will be made of registration fees for players not attending a tryout.

Players are only required to attend one tryout session but have the option of attending a second tryout session if they wish.

All 8 year olds and 9 year olds that are not drafted (including those players who did not try out) will be placed in the Upper-A Division.

Players age 10 and 11 who fail to attend a tryout session are not eligible to be drafted but will be placed on a team in the same division in which they played in 2020. Players age 12 failing to attend a tryout will be placed on a Majors team.

Each player should bring their glove, bat, batting helmet, sport drink or water, and come dressed in baseball-appropriate attire (including a cap and protective cup). Please label all possessions.   If possible, please have your player wear a jersey with their last name on it.

If you are new to the league or have not tried out before, parents should bring a copy of their player's birth certificate and a proof of residency (i.e. - PG&E/utility Bill).

Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your player's tryout time to check in your player.

During check in you will also be asked to confirm hat and shirt size as well as have the opportunity to purchase or order spirit wear.

Players will be put through a stretch & run, will field grounders and will hit balls into a pop-up net starting 15 minutes before their tryout time. We strongly recommend your player taking advantage of this warm-up session.

**To keep distrations low and allow all players to be evaluated equally, parents must remain behind the barricade and away from the dugouts during tryouts.**

During tryouts, your player will field ground balls at shortstop and third base, display running skills, field outfield fly balls, hit off of live coach pitching and will have the option to display abilities as a pitcher and/or catcher. If your player does not want to pitch and/or catch, he or she may be done a few minutes before the scheduled end-time of their assigned age-group tryout.

No food is allowed in the dugout during tryouts.  This includes gum and seeds.   


All questions related to tryouts and the draft should be directed to the league's player agent, Erin Rohde.